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Taking care of personal, fleet, ride sharing, and other vehicles. 

Vehicle Solutions

ProKure G Fast Deodorizing Gas 25g label

ProKure G Gas

ProKure G cleans the air (you breathe). It removes foul odors within commercial buildings, automobiles, residential properties and more. (EPA Registered)

Prokure V Liquid 1 Gallon Size

ProKure V Liquid

ProKure V is a hospital-type disinfectant, antimicrobial, and odor eliminator. This effective formula will kill bacteria, viruses*, mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria. Suitable for Allergen Removal. (EPA Registered)


Unpleasant Odors can make any road trip, rental car, ride share, or delivery vehicle tough to deal with. They can make your personal residence unenjoyable on a personal level and unwelcome to guests. Unpleasant Odors can also turn away potential buyers or tenants for a property.

Don't let foul odors impact your overall mood, stress, or marketability. Take the time to deodorize your personal vehicle, fleet vehicles, personal boats, or ride share vehicle.

Chlorine Dioxide products are a great odor removal source due to its small molecular size (approximately 124 pm) and natural ability to fill any space, offers an unmatched distribution ability. Chlorine dioxide gas is a selective oxidizer allowing it to easily penetrate surfaces, cracks and crevices, and can even penetrate through organic matter like bio-films.

ProKure G Gas is an excellent deodorizer and cleans the air (you breathe), with an easy-to-use system. Activate by dropping the ProKure G packet into a cup filled with 1.5" of water. It leaves a fresh, clean scent. No strong fragrance.

Eliminate Various Odors In:

Personal Vehicles



Cigarette - Waste - Vomit - Spoiled Food

Musty Smells - Pet/Animal Waste

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A row of semi trucks parked in a parking lot.

Trucks & Fleet Vehicles



Cigarette - Cigar - Rotten Food - Cannabis 

Human Waste - Chemicals - Fuel

Boats & Cruise Lines



Musty Smells (after long-term storage) - Mold & Mildew           Stale-Cooking - Smoke, Fire, & Soot - Cannabis              Human Waste - Urine

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A city bus driving down a snow covered street.

Ride Sharing & Public Transportation



Cannabis - Tobacco - Vomit - Urine 

Human Waste - Fuel

This material is not a replacement for the product label. It is a violation of Federal Law to use EPA registered products in a manner inconsistent with the product labeling. Read the entire product label and use strictly in accordance with precautionary statements and use.


To prevent the spread of infection or the contraction of illnesses, a protocol of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas should be implemented regularly, especially within public transportation.

Some of the most touched surfaces include:

  • Hand Rails
  • Seating (such as bus, monorail, trolley, etc.)
  • Doors
  • Interior Door Handles
  • Overhead Support Handles
  • Seat Belts


Always Read Product Labels

When working with various products, make sure to read the label in full and understand what chemicals you are working with. There are many chemicals on the market that are not friendly to the user and others that are exposed to it.

ProKlean Makes a Difference

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